A Trending Project

Be Prepared for Summer

A Trending Project

Be Prepared for Spring

Cruelty free brands. Experts in dermo cosmetics. Sold exclusively in pharmacies.

Cosmética Pharma currently distributes five brands in the pharmacy channel, -Youth Lab, Dr. Laurenne, Amazonic, Dermacol AcneClear y Cala, all of which are formulated with natural ingredients and active ingredients, are 100% healthy, cruelty-free (rejects products tested on animals) and free of any toxic or synthetic substances.

From Dream To Science

Nutricosmetics for hair and eyelashes

Nutritional supplement adapted to you

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How our eyelashes and hair should be.

A new way to take care of yourself.

Tailored Routines and Protocols

We provide you with routines endorsed by the best Professional, avoid last minute unexpected events when doing your hair or make-up.

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Proven Solutions

We follow up and evaluate the products to guarantee that they are for you, only formulas that we love.

Less is More

As doctors say, choose the penultimate, as it will be proven. We bring you the best, with the guarantee of our experience.

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Quality formulas. Real Results

Now in Pharmacy and Parapharmacy

Sold exclusively in pharmacies parapharmacies as well as in the main online stores.

Soluciones Contrastadas

We monitor and evaluate the products to guarantee that they are for you, only formulas that make us fall in love.

Available Globally

Trending Pharma is now available everywhere.

Own laboratories

Each product has a solid commitment to R&D. Human enthusiasm and its own technological means.

Real Results, Guaranteed

Our products are FDA approved and backed by real science.